RV Solar Panels for our Trailer

We all know that solar power is the cheapest, easiest way for regular folks like us to generate power! In the case of our RV, it makes glamp life soooo much easier!

We do have generators that we have to use occasionally but having solar panels on the roof can go a long way in keeping us charged up!

We went with a simple kit from Windy Nation. It came with the panels, the wiring, and the charge controller.

Installation was a little bit of a chore, but once installed we can usually go days in the summer months without having to ever fire up the generator.

We have four panels that each put out 100 watts of power. On a typical sunny day, this gives us more than enough juice to keep our batteries topped up. We run an 800 watt pure sine inverter to charge our laptops or run a flat iron.

If you have any questions about the details of our setup or need help with your installation, please reach out!