Making Money on the Road

There are sooo many different ways that you can make money while living on the road.

But before we get into that, we whole heartedly say, if you want to do this too, DO IT! It is going to seem scary as hell and you are going to fumble at first, but it will be worth it.

When we decided that we wanted to go full time, we started planning. We learned new skills, did research, started a couple different side ventures and when we felt semi comfortable enough, we pulled the trigger and made the leap!

Our main sources of income currently are Kelsey’s job and Scott’s main business. Kelsey is an executive assistant for an investment banker. She is able to do this job 100% remotely via phone, email, text, etc. Scott’s main business is digital marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This is also able to be done completely remotely.

In addition to that we also sell web sites, are part of an awesome affiliate marketing program, participate in Amazons affiliate program, and are working on growing our Instagram and creating a you tube channel to open up those streams of income for ourselves as well!

This approach is working for us, but it’s not the only way to get it done. Other ways you can make this work…

  • Create a giant nest egg and live off that so that you don’t have to worry about an income.
  • Become a camp host at campgrounds across the country.
  • Do seasonal work for farms, ranches, etc.
  • Get a remote job for online customer service, sales, assisting, etc.
  • Open a shopify/amazon/etc style store.
  • Open an Etsy shop for a craft you can design and sell on the road. There are folks selling art, macrame, jewelry, even custom skateboards! All manufactured while they are on the road!
  • Learn a new skill such as web development or app coding.
  • You can even approach your current employer and discuss the possibility of transition to remote work.

The options are endless!

If you would like to watch a webinar on the affiliate program we are part of, click here! It is a great community and a great income stream to add to anyone’s toolbox!