FREE Camping at a winery

Have you ever heard of Harvest Hosts? We hadnt and when we finally did we were wondering why we were missing out!

So a night of camping in any campground can cost you, on average, about $50. Some campgrounds are great, but some campgrounds are glorified parking lots.

What if there was a way, for the same price as one night of camping at a campground, you could stay for FREE at hundreds of wineries, breweries, distillery’s, ranches, farms, etc? Thats crazy right?!

That is what Harvest Hosts is! For less than $100, you join for the year. This gives you access to a network of land owners that are conducting business around some kind of harvest to product operation. And as a member, you can call ahead to any of these owners and stay on their property for free!

This means you get to wake up to vineyards, or corn fields, or the smells of a brewery, and you didnt have to pay one dime to stay! That being said, it is recommended that when you stay at one of the locations, that you patronize the owner. But hey, who would say no to a little wine tasting, maybe some cheese sampling, beer flights, or whiskey pairings?

If you like road trips in your RV or are a full timer, check out Harvest Hosts. You wont regret it! Join through our link and save 15%.

Here is a pic from our latest stay!