Our setup

Here we will share more about our trailer setup, equipment, etc. We do purchase A LOT of our stuff through Amazon so (disclaimer!!) we will have affiliate links for anything we recommend. BUT we will never recommend something that we do not fully endorse as a quality purchase!

To start with… here is a link to an Amazon wish list  with most of what we use. We buy sheets and towels, etc whenever we find them locally.

Our trailer is a 2004 Jayco Designer 29RLTS. It was completely remodeled prior to us purchasing it. HERE IS A LINK TO A WALK THROUGH

We tow it with a 2001 Ford F-350 7.3L diesel truck. We love our truck! It has a Banks Six Gun Diesel Tuner that increases our power and significantly improves our fuel economy. We just recently installed a Turbo Compressor Wicked Wheel 2 that fixed a turbo surge problem we were having because of the larger weight of our trailer and gear.

On top of our trailer we have a single solar panel. It is a WindyNation 100 Watt Solar kit that came with the panel, mounting hardware, a charge controller and the wiring to get from the panel to the charge controller. The only thing we have to get at the local hardware store was a small length of two wire romex to connect the charge controller to the batteries! On most sunny days the one panel fully charges our batteries. On cloudy and rainy days it struggles and we have to run our Yamaha EF2000iSv2 generator. We plan on adding a few more panels to make boondocking in inclement weather, a little easier.

In our new trailer it came with two gray tanks that equal a total of 78 gallons. We also have a black tank for another 38 gallons. We decided to install a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet so that we can use all three tanks for gray and never have to deal with sewage again! If you have ever dumped at the dump station, you know how disgusting the whole process is. When you don’t have to worry about the black tank contents anymore, the process is still gross but not nearly as bad! Plus our bathroom never has the typical chemical, rv toilet, bathroom stench AND we do not have to use any of our fresh water for flushing!

For a more an almost complete list of everything we use in our trailer, visit this Amazon link.